4 Plumbing Leaks That May Lead To A Pest Infestation

Insects and rodents are often found in unfinished basements and crawl spaces, and this is due to the high levels of moisture in these areas.

The same applies to areas with high moisture such as around plumbing pipes and fixtures that are leaking and in need of repair.

Many pests love moisture, such as mice, rats, cockroaches, book lice, termites, carpenter ants, camel crickets and silverfish.

Here some of the main plumbing issues that can cause a build up of moisture that these pests will be attracted to.

#1 Leaky Faucets

Sometimes sink faucets can leak with a consistently steady drip that is noticeable, or there may be an unseen leak near the handles or where the piping connects. You should check all parts of the faucet at least once a month, and also under the sink where you don’t see on a daily basis.

#2 Water Utilizing Appliances

Dishwashers and washing machines go through gallons of water each time they are used and if either has become old or started to malfunction a leak may occur. Keep an eye on these to ensure they work flawlessly and if they begin to malfunction call someone out to fix them.

#3 Basement Plumbing

Homes that have basements often have most of the plumbing running through this area. Unfinished basements have a high chance of being infested with pests because of the levels of moisture. If the plumbing starts to leak it will only add to the moisture and risk of infestation. Check the plumbing regularly for leaks, and if it’s a finished basement, look out for brown ceiling stains that could be a sign of a leaky pipe.

#4 Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters can easily leak if a part breaks or if it isn’t maintained well enough. Make sure you have a plumber service and flush out this fixture once a year to help prevent leaks and water damage.

So there you have it, to keep your house pest free you should also be paying attention to the plumbing to ensure you don’t provide the ideal environment for pests to thrive in.


This is a guest post written by KER Training Ltd who provide plumbing training courses, gas training courses, LPG, Oil and MLP training courses from their accredited LCL Awards Training Centre based in Coatbridge.