5 Pest Control Myths Debunked

Pest control myths never seem to die away, particularly bed bug myths.

Many are exaggerations and misinterpretations that lead to prolonged or worsening pest infestations. So, to help you make more precise choices when dealing with pests, we’ve debunked the top 5 myths we commonly hear:

1) A Clean Home Is A Pest Free Zone = False

Not quite. A clean is sometimes an advantage when preventing rodents, but some other pests, such as bed bugs, are not deterred by cleanliness. A bed bug’s food source is human blood, not food left on the table. Most other pests require other sources of food, water, and shelter; therefore, many other factors are involved in attracting pests.

This misconception leads to a false sense of confidence and occupants may neglect other areas of their house. Do keep a clean home, but don’t rely on this preventing or solving an existing infestation.

2) I Can Tackle An Infestation On My Own = False

Sometimes DIY methods can reduce the number of pests, but many strategies fail to eradicate an infestation. For example, bed bug treatments are known to minimise their population but cannot eliminate their presence. Only a professional pest controller who evaluates the situation and offers high-grade chemical or heat treatments can successfully eliminate pests.

3) Bug Zappers Kill Mosquitoes = False

Sadly, a bug zapper shining bright UV lights will not work on mosquitoes. A bug zapper will attract most other insects, but they don’t always have the strength to kill those bugs. Therefore, this solution will not eradicate mosquitoes. Instead, contact an expert pest controller who offers more effective ways to deal with mosquitoes than over-the-counter UV zappers.

4) Pests Will Eventually Go Away If I Leave Them Alone = False

If that were the case, there would be less need for pest controllers. However, don’t assume they’ll leave on their own accord. When you notice pests around your home, they’ve probably been there for some time already. That means they’ve nested, found a source of food and water, and likely breeding too.

Ignoring them risks an infestation becoming more extensive and more challenging to control or treat. In addition, structural damage to your property can ensue, such as chewed wires and insulation by mice.

5) I Only Contact A Pest Controller When There’s A Problem = False

Leaving it late to contact a pest control company makes it harder to eliminate pests. If you suspect there’s an infestation or spot a pest on your property, you should begin taking preventative steps to ensure it doesn’t get worse.

Proactive measures include contacting a pest control company for further advice. In addition, we can always inspect your home and provide preventative advice and solutions that deter pests so you can enjoy a pest-free home.