Bed bugs bugging you? Fight them with these 3 pro tips!

Who doesn’t love their beds? The best moment of the day is undoubtedly when after a busy schedule you lay down, relax and enter the world of dreams. But have you ever thought about the bed bugs? Most beds are infested with innumerable bed bugs that create a nuisance to the hygiene of your bed. Bed bugs are dangerous parasites which feed on human blood.

Here are tips to keep these bugs at bay:

  • Reduce the hiding places- The bed bugs are actually born in the clutters and dark places in the bed. The first step to reducing the infestation of bugs is to reduce the clutter on your bed. These can be the unused blankets, clothes or anything similar.
  • The bed bug infested bed covers and bed sheets should be completely changed. Treating the infested bed sheet is not a good option. Treatment should be conducted after the bed sheet is changed.
  • After the treatment process try to regularly clean your bed sheets, blankets or bedspreads and dry them properly before these are placed on the bed. This cleaning process should become a regular habit so that the bed bugs cannot multiply.

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This post was written in conjunction with The Bed Bug Doctor who provides bed bug treatment in bournemouth, southampton, taunton, worthing, swindon, bristol, and surrounding areas.