Factors influencing Ant Infestation

Everyone wants and deserves a home without any pests. Among all the pests, ants are the most common as they are found anywhere and everywhere. They possess strength and can reportedly lift up to 50 times more than their actual weight. Another quality of the ant is that they set up colonies very quickly and… Continue Reading

How to get rid of bed bug infestations

Bed bugs are small harmful insects without any wings which feed upon the blood of warm-blooded animals, which can include humans. Reliable sources confirm that bed bug infestations have become widespread in homes, commercial properties, hotels, hospitals, universities and other types of properties in the UK recently. If you are suffering from bed bug infestations,… Continue Reading

Wasps Busy This Summer

Wasps Busy This Summer

The Wasps Have Been Busy This Summer Wasp nests can prove to be a real nightmare for some home owners and the wasps of the UK have been very busy this summer providing lots of work for pest control specialists up and down Britain. Especially for Shane Jones of Newbury, whose wasp nest removal story… Continue Reading