Pest control 101: 3 food items ants are addicted to

It isn’t for nothing that pest control services are in high demand across the United Kingdom, including major cities, like Glasgow. One of the biggest reasons why you see so many pest controllers around is the nuisance of ants.

Ants have forever been one of the most dreaded pests all around the world. You might see them everywhere, starting from your garden to the jar of jam that you kept on the kitchen counter. Hence, if you see ants everywhere around the house, it’s time for you to call for an ant control service.

But before you do that, here are the top 3 food items that you need to keep away from the reach of ants since they love them a lot.


Since ants love sweet items, beer is a hot favourite, for sure. If you have a party at your place, make sure you do not spill beer on the floor. Even if you do, mop the floor well, lest you may wake up to an army of ants the next day.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is very attractive for the ants, both with its taste and smell. So, if you have used peanut butter, cover the lid and keep it back on the shelf.

Pet food

Pet food deserves to be placed inside a kitchen cabinet and not be kept open. The lingering aroma can attract ants.

Before you pick up the phone to dial a pest control company, you must ensure that you keep away the things ants are attracted to. However, either way, you would still need such services to fix the problems once and for all.

So, for all your and control and pest control needs, contact The Pest Experts, your go-to pest control specialists in Glasgow.