How To Deal With Houseflies in Summertime

So, the summer has arrived, and all you’re thinking of soaking up every minute of sunshine.

With hotter weather and brighter evenings, we can enjoy getting together with family and friends for BBQs, dinner on the patio, and plenty of wine.

However, we aren’t the only ones who rejoice in the summer heat; a whole host of common summer pests are lurking around, threatening to spoil our fun. Pests, such as wasps, ants, and houseflies are there to contend with, but they’re easily dealt with by following simple methods.

Houseflies can be very irritating, as they often whizz past our ears, or fly around our faces.

Houseflies are also a serious health hazard. Flies typically feed upon animal waste and rotting plants; therefore, making them a carrier of harmful bacteria and diseases for us humans. They also have a very bad habit of landing on our food, where they often vomit up their last meal. It’s hard to prevent all flies from landing on our food; however, when you see one, it’s best to dispose of that food immediately to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

The best way to repel and catch flies is to use window screens to stop them from flying into your house. You can also use sticky fly paper which helps catch flies and purchase a good quality aerosol fly-repellent.

These methods are successful when combatting small amounts of flies at a time. However, if you notice more than you can cope with, and wonder where they’re coming from, it’s time to call a professional to eradicate the issue.

An expert will have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to eliminate this pest and make your home free from fly infestations.