How to get rid of bed bug infestations

Bed bugs are small harmful insects without any wings which feed upon the blood of warm-blooded animals, which can include humans. Reliable sources confirm that bed bug infestations have become widespread in homes, commercial properties, hotels, hospitals, universities and other types of properties in the UK recently. If you are suffering from bed bug infestations, try these simple tips to completely get rid of them:

Dispose of your mattress

It is always advisable to avoid sleeping on a mattress that has once been occupied by harmful bugs. Throw away your mattress and immediately buy a new one.

Thorough Cleaning

Clean your entire room along with using anti-bedbug spray. Try vacuuming every nook and cranny of the room including the walls and skirting boards. Using a steam cleaner can be a very good option. Try to dry clean all your clothes, bedding and curtains.

Call For an Expert

Treating an infestation by yourself is merely impossible as you may end up discovering that the tiny creatures are still wandering inside the property. The professional experts have seen it all and have been performing this bed bug removal process for years and they will not take more than a few hours to perform the task.


When you see that your house is bug-free, try to keep your house in a pristine condition. A clean and tidy house is always easier to maintain and it keeps the pest away for a longer period of time.

Track The Origin

Tracking the origin of the bugs is quite essential as bugs don’t fly so they have been transported into your home either in your clothes or in your luggage. If you travel regularly, check your hotel room thoroughly for the existence of bedbugs.

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