How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Office

It’s not only houses and hospitality businesses that need to be vigilant for pests.

Office environments are also areas where pests have the means to nest, breed, and feed. Fortunately, there are many simple measures that offices can implement to avoid an infestation.

Pests not only pose a danger to your health by contaminating food or food areas with bacteria, but can seriously harm the reputation of your business. So it’s important to understand what attracts pests and how to avoid a situation from escalating.

What attracts pests?

The number one thing that pests are attracted to is food. Staff may bring food into the office, or perhaps there is a canteen on-site, but if food is not disposed of properly then pests will take advantage sooner or later. Anything from bread crumbs to a banana peel left inside a bin can attract pests to your office.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for offices to have rooms that are unoccupied for long periods, which makes it easy for pests to go unnoticed. They may hide in cupboards or storage rooms where they can multiply and move around searching for food or drink that hasn’t been disposed of properly. Pests will take advantage of materials, such as paper, cardboard, or plastic packaging to build nests.

What can you do to avoid an infestation?

To avoid this, you could implement new office rules that mean staff must eat in designated areas and clean the area immediately after.

Desk areas should be free of food waste – no left-over sandwiches or crumbs scattered across the desk.

Dirty dishes can attract pests too, so these should be washed straight away, or perhaps invest in a dishwasher to save time.

Cleaning schedules should be drawn up to ensure the office is vacuum cleaned, and staff should be required to play their role.

Additionally, a clutter-free environment should be maintained to prevent pests from nesting. And office material should be stored in cupboards that are deep-cleaned at least once per year.

These steps will help to deter pests and prevent a major infestation that could be costly to resolve. If you see a pest or the signs of a pest infestation, then seek the help of an expert who will assess the situation and offer professional advice.

This article was written in conjunction with Zest Pest Control who provide domestic and commercial pest control services throughout Central Scotland.