How To Pest-Proof Your Kitchen

Pests need three things to survive: food, water, and shelter.

Your home provides pests with the perfect place to nest and breed, especially in or close to your kitchen. Common pests that enter kitchens range from ants, flies, wasps, rats and mice.

So how can you pest-proof your kitchen to ensure it doesn’t become a home to unwanted guests?

Here are our top tips to get you started:

1) Seal Cracks Around The Kitchen

Many pests can sneak into the kitchen through holes and cracks in the walls or skirting boards around the kitchen. Many cracks may not be immediately visible as they could be behind the cooker, dishwasher, or refrigerator. Therefore, look around the kitchen and seal any cracks, no matter how small.

2) Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Ensuring your kitchen worktops and floor are clean is essential, as it’s too easy to attract pests in a food environment. Avoid dropping crumbs on the floor and regularly clean your cupboards, especially ones you don’t use frequently.

3) Don’t Leave Food Lying Around

Unless wrapped and sealed in air-tight containers, avoid leaving food lying on worktops for extended periods. Ensure no bread crumbs are left around the bread bin or toaster. Also, remember to date-check food, as all it takes is one expired food item to invite a number of pests.

4) Store Food Properly

Purchase air-tight containers to avoid any critters sneaking their way into your food. You should tightly seal items such as rice, pasta, flour, biscuits, and bread in appropriate containers.

5) Remove Pet Food From The Floor

Although it’s convenient leaving pet food dishes on the floor but doing so allows pests to grab a meal or rummage around for more inside your kitchen. So remove dishes from the floor when your pet isn’t eating so it’s not in easy reach for ants or rodents.

6) Dispose Of Food Waste Properly

Carelessly disposing of food can invite numerous pests. So use bins with lids and strong bins bags that you can tie securely. Also, ensure your outdoor rubbish bins are well away from any doors leading to the kitchen.

If these methods fail to keep out pests, feel free to call our pest control experts who can advise your further or suggest a treatment plan if there’s a severe infestation.