How To Prevent A Rat Infestation In Your Garage

Rats aren’t creatures you typically see every day

Instead, they prefer to scurry around out of sight as they’re often more afraid of humans than humans are scared of them.

However, as their numbers increase they must find other places to dwell, causing them to appear in domestic areas such as your garage.

What Attracts Rats to Your Garage?

Rats don’t randomly select a nesting place without first seeking out the advantages of such a place. Certain conditions make a garage more attractive to rats.

Here are the main things to be concerned about:

1) Food

Rats require a regular source of food. If you store fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables or packaged foods, then you’re providing them with an excellent reason to stay. Sometimes even having a garden with food growing is enough to attract rats to your home or garage.

2) Water

In addition to food, a water supply is needed for rats to survive. Leaking taps or pipes is ideal for these pests, so ensure there’s no damage to pipes. You should clean up any puddles of water as well.

3) Previous Pest Infestation

If you’ve ever had rats living in your garage in the past, this could lead to a new rat infestation over time. The residue left over from the past infestation can attract new rats as they feel comfortable knowing that rats were here previously.

4) Cluttered Spaces

Garages sometimes get cluttered with many different items, creating small spaces for rats to hide. Make sure that you regularly declutter your garage. If you’re using your garage as a storage area, ensure the place doesn’t get too cramped.

Your garage offers shelter and warmth for rats, so following the suggestions above will help deter rats.

However, if you spot a rat, there may be more. Always look for other signs first and call a pest control professional who has the right tools to remove the infestation.