How To Prevent Mouse Infestations

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes

And when it comes to preventing a mice infestation, we believe in this strongly.

You can avoid mice causing havoc on your property in many ways. So we have created a list of top tips to help you prevent mice from infiltrating your home or business.

1) Inspect Your Property For Holes

Mice can fit through the tiniest of gaps, so don’t underestimate the significance of small cracks around your home. Holes over a quarter of an inch give mice enough room to wriggle through. The least you can do is fill in these gaps with expandable foam.

2) Seal Pipes

Consider sealing pipes that connect your property to outside water supplies. Whether the pipes lead to hot water tanks or hose pipes, you should use steel or bronze wool to cover the hole.

3) Screen Your Chimney

Mice are adept at finding any entry points high above the ground. So, seal your chimney with a screen to stop mice from gaining entry from above.

4) Explore Your Attic For Gaps

Don’t neglect your attic when searching for potential entry points for mice. Check vents and under windowsills for small gaps and seal them properly.

5) Install Door Sweeps

If you have adjoining buildings such as a garage, ensure that every door has a door sweep which provides extra defense against mice.

6) Avoid Storing Food At Ground Level

Always store food in plastic, glass, or metal containers and place them in closed cupboards above the ground.

7) Don’t Leave Pet Food On The Floor

Avoid leaving pet food on the ground if it’s not being eaten. Either seal it or throw it out. Otherwise, mice will have another incentive to invade your property.

8) Maintain A Clutter-Free Home

An untidy home offers mice many places to hide and nest within. So, ensure your home is tidy.

9) Spray Small Cracks With Peppermint Oil or Cayenne Pepper

For minor cracks and crevices, try using a diluted spray of Peppermint Oil or Cayenne Pepper. Strong odours such as these will help deter mice.

Remember, prevention is better than a cure; therefore, inspect your home thoroughly to ensure mice have no place to enter or hide.