How You Can Be Attracting Pests Into Your Home

Have you ever considered that you may be making it easy for pests to enter our home without realising it?

It’s easy to overlook all the simple ways in which pests are invited to your home. In some cases, it could lead to a major pest infestation. Infestations are preventable by following simple procedures inside and outside of your house.

1. Tightly seal rubbish bins

It’s the most obvious area where pests are attracted to; therefore, ensure that all bags are tightly sealed and bin lids are correctly placed. Otherwise you’re providing rodents, birds, foxes and other types of pest an easy feast, and providing a breeding ground for some of these pests, such as rats and mice.

2. Clean food spillages

Ensure that no food waste is lying on the floor or ground outside, even crumbs can be enough to attract pests. Food going to waste should be wrapped in a plastic bag or airtight containers.

3. Tidy your garden

Even if gardening isn’t your favourite hobby, you should still ensure that bushes and grassy areas are prevented from overgrowing. Pests will look for breeding grounds, and nest in your garden, eventually leading them toward your home in search of food.

4. Clutter-free environment

What goes on in your garage, loft, or shed also attracts pests. You don’t want to give them hiding places in amongst the clutter and you may fail to spot them straight away, especially if nobody frequently enters them.

5. Be careful with pet food

Pests love pet food just as much as human food. Avoid leaving pet food outside, which only encourages rodents to enjoy a free meal. Keep pet food above ground level, and store food in airtight containers.

6. Be vigilant when bird feeding

It’s great to leave food for the birds who visit your garden; however, rodents are attracted to seeds that fall onto the ground. Place a clean tray underneath the bird feeder to catch any spillage and remove this once a day.

Following these tips can be all you need to avoid a pest infestation. If you’re concerned that pests are frequently visiting your home or garden, contact an expert to remove them before matters get worse.