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The Pest Experts Ayrshire are Scotland’s Trusted Ant Control Specialists

The UK is fortunate to be uninhabitable for many species of ants. The most common species in the UK are Black Ants or Gardens Ants.

Thankfully they aren’t disease carrying pests but it’s still extremely unhygienic to allow them to roam in close proximity to food preparation or storage areas. This is why preventing them from becoming attracted to your property is essential.

To prevent ants from entering your property, always make sure to remove any food residue (particular sweet food) and ensure that all other items are tightly sealed.

Ants prefer to march in unison, forming large trails and then crowd around food sources. This makes it easy to establish where they are travelling from and therefore eliminate the colony with appropriate DIY tools.

One way in which to eliminate ants is to use an insecticide bait that ants will eat, then travel back to their nest and subsequently exterminates that particular colony.

To ensure your ant problem is dealt with properly, call the experts.

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