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The Pest Experts Ayrshire are Scotland’s Trusted Bird Control Specialists.

Birds can be considered pests when they occupy an area frequented by people where they become a nuisance and even a health hazard.

It’s hard to miss the signs of bird infestations; they often make a mess of vehicles and buildings with their droppings, damage roof tiles, clog gutters and attract other unwanted pests such as beetles and fleas.

Occasionally, they even attack people who they view as a threat to their young during the breeding season. But overall, they are very much a hygiene risk to your environment, by causing food poisoning and spreading germs such as E. Coli and Salmonella.

So when you first notice the signs of a bird infestation it would be wise to tackle this urgently.

You can protect your building and environment from birds by covering any holes or openings around the building and making sure there are no flat spaces where birds could build a nest. Also, avoid leaving rubbish bins laying outside un-emptied for too long.

For immediate assistance with your bird problem, call the bird control experts on 07949 280 633 or send us an email.


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