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There many insects that could be considered pests or in certain circumstances become troublesome if there are too many in the wrong place.

Flying Insects

Flies, moths, and midges are Ayrshire's mostly encountered flying insects and can be troublesome.

Flies are notorious for spreading germs like E. Coli or Salmonella and become a health risk for homes and business that deal with food. Effective control measures are necessary to ensure food safety standards are met and for general peace of mind in your own home.

Moths are fairly harmless and don’t spread germs like other pests, but their larvae can damage textiles, fabrics, carpets and leather materials and therefore should be dealt with immediately if you spot any in your property.

Most people are familiar with how irritating midges can be. They usually fly around in clusters, and can easily give you a tiny, itchy bite. These can be considered a minor annoyance relative other pests, though if you live close to an open source of water (where they like to breed) then their persistent presence should be dealt with.

Crawling Insects

Fleas are commonly found in homes with pets and can be passed on from animal to animal. These can be considered more of a parasite as their bites can cause discomfort for pets and can cause allergies to the flea's saliva.

Bed Bugs can be difficult to spot as they tend to stay out of sight during the daytime. Usually the first indications of a bed bug infestation are bite marks on your body. Other signs include tiny black stains on your mattress or surrounding area, small dark spots (fecal matter) or tiny blood smears and traces of their eggs. Overall, bed bugs can cause a lot of distress for people, however there are successful solutions available to eliminate these creatures for good.

Woodworm is a term that referring to a collection of beetles that occupy (and damage) wooden constructions, whether it’s furniture or the structural interior of buildings. Beetles lay their eggs within cracks of wooden objects. When the larvae hatch they then burrow into the woodwork, going unnoticed for many years, while eating away at the wood.

Their infestation only becomes obvious when small burrow holes begin to appear but this only indicates that the beetle has left, leaving you with damaged furniture or weakened timber constructions. Other signs include dust leftover at the site where they burrowed into the wood, crumbling wood and even dead beetles themselves as they often emerge from woodworm between May and October.

Prevention is key in the case of Woodworm and methods to deter these beetles include coating insecticidal polish to furniture and injecting woodworm killer into holes. For other wooden constructions, seek the help of an expert.

Spiders are non-threatening but many people have a strong fear of spiders (Arachnophobia) and therefore these creatures are very much an unwanted guest in homes or workplaces. They rarely bite and if they do, they usually pose no danger to health. Occasionally some people can have an allergic reaction to their venom.

Preventing spiders from entering a building is a positive step to avoiding scary encounters. By keeping your home or workplace free from other known pests such as flies, ants and woodlice, you will ensure that hungry spiders will be less attracted to the area.

The Biscuit Beetle is frequently found in food storage areas either in homes or in retail stores, where large food stocks are kept. They are reddish brown, approximately 3mm long, and are attracted to flour, cereals, spices and of course, biscuits. Even poisonous chemicals like strychnine and aconite can attract these beetles.

If spotted amongst any of these items, it’s wise to them throw out and thoroughly clean the area. Calling an expert will help to make sure this creature is professionally dealt with, and they can give you advice on how to prevent them in the future.

There are various measures to deal with these insects, from low-cost DIY methods to using professional pest control experts that can offer more sophisticated solutions.

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