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Mice are commonly known pest that find their way into buildings and take up residence where there is a supply of food. These nocturnal rodents stay hidden during daylight hours and emerge at night in search of food.

Their habitats are normally in roof areas, under the floor, or in wall cavities. You can usually identify the presence of mice as they leave small dark droppings, greasy marks on walls or there will be evidence of chewed material – e.g. skirting boards.

Although there are many species of mice, only a fraction are considered pests that are frequently found in buildings.

Mice certainly pose a hygiene risk as they carry germs – usually spreading through urine and droppings, but also through ticks, fleas and mites.

You can prevent mice infestation by paying attention to any gaps found not only at ground level but higher up in a building and on the rooftop area. Mice are skilled at scaling up walls, crawling along pipes or thin wires and even squeezing through gaps much smaller than their body size.

If you do spot a mouse, you can be sure there are others lurking around. The problem may gradually escalate as female Mice can reproduce at 2 months old and can have up to 6-10 babies each year.

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