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It’s imperative to tackle a rat infestation as quickly as possible as not only are they very unpleasant but they spread diseases and contaminate food.

As well as disease, damage to your property can occur as a result of rats gnawing through metal, pipes and floorboards. They may even take up residence in soft materials.

Rats are a hygiene hazard as their urine and droppings that contain pathogens can contaminate foodstuffs. Diseases such as Weil’s Disease (Leptospirosis), Rat Bite Fever and Salmonellosis are attributed to rat infestations.

These rodents are notorious at squeezing through holes much smaller than their body size and their teeth have the strength to chew through dense materials such as aluminium, lead and glass – making these pests easily identifiable from others.

Other signs of an infestation include hearing scratching sounds within a building, rub marks on surfaces they have came into contact with – such as gaps, corners and holes that they have squeezed through.

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