Reasons Why You Should Use Live Rat Traps

Rats are a common pest in Glasgow and they need to be dealt with appropriately. There are many ways to do this, some more humane than others.

Live rat traps have became more popular in recent times, because they are very efficient without needing to kill the animal. It allows for rats to be removed from your property safely and in a sanitary way.

They come in a range of materials, plastic or metal mainly, and they work by luring the rat into the trap with bait before trapping it.

Chocolate and peanut butter work well as bait, which you should put inside the trap and place it in a location where the rats frequent the most. When it has caught a rat you can take the whole trap a good distance from your house to release it into the wild. It makes no mess so can be used over and over again.

The benefits include:

Live rat traps are more humane

Catching the rat this way does it now harm so it can be released completely unhurt. These traps are usually ventilated so the rat won’t suffocate if it’s in there for a few hours.

They are safe to use

Unlike traditional rat traps that can be a danger to children, babies, or pets, these traps are safe to leave out without the worry of fingers or paws getting snapped in them. They also use no chemicals or poisonous materials so they are safer in that regard too.

Effective and convenient

As the rat is not getting killed you don’t have to deal with disposing of a dead animal. Releasing it is simple and you don’t even have to touch it.

live rat traps for rat control pest control glasgow

Easy to monitor

Most live rat traps are made of wire mesh or clear plastic so they are easy to check to see if a rat is in there.

These are the main reasons why you might want to consider a live trap over the lethal versions. But if a rat trap is not doing the job and your rat problem is more persistent you might need to consider calling out the professionals.

The Pest Experts Ayrshire have many years of experience in dealing with rats on both domestic and commercial premises.

We can remove rats in Glasgow and Ayrshire quickly and effectively, no matter how big or small the problem is. Call 07949 280 633 for more information and immediate assistance.

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