Signs That You Have a Bird Infestation and What to Do About It

The cheerful melodies of birdsong are a common and pleasant aspect of our daily lives.

But when these feathered creatures decide to take up residence in and around our homes, it can lead to a challenging situation. Bird infestations can cause various issues, from property damage to health concerns.

Unusual Sounds and Activity

One of the first signs of a bird infestation is an increase in unusual sounds and activity around your property. If you notice persistent chirping, flapping wings, or the sounds of birds nesting in or around your home, it’s a clear indication that you may have unwelcome avian guests.

Droppings and Nests

Bird droppings are not only unsightly but can also pose health risks. If you observe an accumulation of droppings on your property, especially around windowsills, ledges, or other elevated surfaces, it could be a sign of a bird infestation. Additionally, the presence of nests in and around your home is a strong indicator that birds have established a breeding ground.

Property Damage

Birds can cause damage to your property in various ways. Pigeons and other large birds may peck at roofing materials, causing leaks and compromising the structural integrity of your home. Smaller birds might create holes in exterior walls or eaves to build nests, potentially leading to water damage and pest infiltration.

Flocks Gathering

If you notice large flocks of birds gathering around your property, it’s a sign that your home may be seen as an attractive location for nesting or roosting. Certain bird species, such as starlings or pigeons, are known to form large groups, which can exacerbate the problems associated with an infestation.

What to Do About It

Identify the Bird Species

Different bird species require different approaches for removal and prevention. Identify the species causing the infestation to determine the most effective strategy. Consulting with local wildlife authorities or pest control professionals can help in proper identification.

Remove Attractants

Birds are attracted to food sources, water, and shelter. To deter them, eliminate potential attractants such as open garbage containers, spilled birdseed, and standing water. Keep outdoor areas clean and secure food sources to make your property less appealing.

Install Deterrents

Various deterrents can be used to discourage birds from nesting on or around your property. Bird spikes, netting, and scare devices are effective tools to prevent roosting and nesting. These solutions are humane and designed to protect your property without causing harm to the birds.

Seek Professional Help

If the infestation is severe or involves protected bird species, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. Pest control experts and wildlife removal services can assess the situation, implement effective removal methods, and provide recommendations for preventing future infestations.


A bird infestation can pose both aesthetic and practical challenges for homeowners. By recognizing the signs early on and taking proactive measures, you can address the issue swiftly and effectively.

Whether through DIY methods or with the help of pest control professionals, restoring harmony between humans and birds is possible while maintaining a healthy and secure home environment.