The Springtime Threat Of Common Black Ants

As pest control experts in the Glasgow and Ayrshire areas, we are getting prepared for the annual spike in ant calls we experience every spring.

This time of year is when the ants that have been hibernating come out of their nests in search of food.

The most common ant in the UK is the black ant, AKA the garden ant. Although this species of ant is generally harmless, they do need to be dealt with when infestations get too large as it can lead to property damage as well as them becoming a nuisance if they get into your house.

Ants are good at hibernating and a strong colony can last up to 2 or 3 years without issue, so they are great survivors and a fully established colony can be difficult to control.

The search for food is the main reason that worker ants leave the nest. They prefer sugary foods so they are naturally drawn to cakes, crisps, pastries, fruits, and other sweet snacks.

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As soon as a worker ant finds a good source of food it sends out a signal to the other ants, and soon you will see the familiar sight of a trail of ants coming to the food source until it’s all been used up.

If you have common blacks ants in your home, there may be some large colonies close by. These should be found and dealt with before they cause problems with landscaping, pathways, patios etc. The most common and effective method of controlling these ants is with traditional chemical insecticides.

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