Wasps Busy This Summer

The Wasps Have Been Busy This Summer

Wasp nests can prove to be a real nightmare for some home owners and the wasps of the UK have been very busy this summer providing lots of work for pest control specialists up and down Britain. Especially for Shane Jones of Newbury, whose wasp nest removal story has actually gone viral which is pretty rare for the pest control industry.

image from newburytoday.co.uk

“Shane Jones from RIDTEK Pest Control discovered the monster nest – which was two to three feet in size – in a garage cupboard last week.The 49-year-old pest expert was alerted to the nest after the resident opened the cupboard, which had remained shut for some time.”

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Here is a video of the nest.

Shane Jones who found the monster wasp nest was quoted as saying “All pest controllers are having a fantastic wasp season – it’s a really big thing for us.”

You can find RIDTEK here: newbury-pestcontrol.co.uk

Wasp Numbers on the Rise in the UK This Summer

Brits love complaining about the weather, but not just cold weather but also if it is too hot, but the pests such as wasps never complain about the heat. In fact, this has given them the perfect opportunity to thrive and there numbers have been quite high this summer.

The return of the heatwave is now providing the perfect conditions for rats, mice and wasps to thrive (Photos: The British Pest Control Association)

“The unusually warm weather has seen an influx in the number of pests, with the return of the heatwave now providing the perfect conditions for not only rodents such as rats and mice to thrive, but wasps too.

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has recently seen an increase in the number of call-outs in regards to wasps.”

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Again, another article here about how the hot weather is giving pests the opportunity to thrive.

“The hot weather has created the perfect breeding ground for a summer infestation of rats, wasps and other vermin.

Experts have warned the heatwave means we could faced with pests trying to make their way into our homes as they continue to thrive.

Call-outs to members of The British Pest Control Association have increased for wasps as the warm weather brings extended opportunities to feed.”

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Of course winter is around the corner but damage can still be done by these types of pests in and around the home so if you are experiencing problems then just give us a call today, whether you need a wasps nest removing or giant mice are in your home we have got you covered.

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