What Happens To Pests In Winter?

Pests become more active and visible during summertime, but their behaviour changes as winter approaches

Some go into hibernation, and others continue to reproduce before emerging in more significant numbers in the spring.

However, you should still be vigilant and cautious during winter as some pests like to dwell in your home before emerging later.

Here are some of the things that pests do during winter:

1) Migrate

Certain insects that thrive on seasonal plants must find new food and shelter for the winter. Therefore, they migrate to more favourable habitats before returning in the summer.

2) Hibernate

Rather than migrate, some pests hibernate instead. Your roof, chimney, and loft are excellent areas for hibernation as they’re warm and out of the way of humans, for a while at least.

Wasps are one such insect that hibernates in your loft and begins colonising in the spring.

3) Infest Your Home

Pests are just as eager to keep warm and dry in the winter months as we are. And your house is the ideal home for them too. Your loft, garage, cavity walls, and wardrobes are great places for pests to sleep, eat and breed.

4) Reproduce

Some pests reproduce in the winter to prepare for the spring season. However, as temperatures drop and the weather becomes harsh, some pests may not last the winter but will lay eggs that do survive. Moths are one such example and they can be troublesome in the spring when eggs begin to hatch.

Whilst the winter months provide us with some relief from several pest infestations; it also allows us to check for vulnerabilities in our home.

It’s a good time to seal cracks and holes in walls around the house or loft area, give the chimney a thorough sweep, and clean out the garage to deter pests in the future.