Where Do Squirrels Live In The Winter?

If you have ever wonder where squirrels live in the cold winter months, the answer is quite simple. They live wherever humans live, so potentially in your home.

Squirrels need warmth, shelter, and access to food in order to survive the harsh winter period, so it’s quite common for them to build nests in our homes and store food nearby. They may also reproduce and raise their offspring in this nest.

When squirrels gain access to your home, they usually end up taking up residence in the attic, and sometimes in your garage or wall cavities.

They may look cute and harmless but squirrels can cause real damage to your property, attract other pests, and spread diseases.

How to prevent squirrels coming into your home

If you suspect an infestation then you should act quick to prevent it getting worse. Some common methods of keeping squirrels out include:

• Use mesh to seal up access points

• Trim any branches of trees that are overhanging your roof

• Seal up and cracks or holes in the exterior of your home

• Ensure all windows and doors close properly and are tightly sealed.

• Use rat traps to humanely catch the squirrels and relocate them elsewhere.

If none of the above solutions work, or you would simply rather leave it to the pest control experts, give The Pest Experts Ayrshire a call on 07949 280 633 or Freephone 0800 043 7790.