Why Your Shop Needs Pest Control

If you own a retail shop, you may be asking yourself if you require pest control services.

Small retailers may be more reluctant to spend money on services they don’t need.

However, depending on what your shop sells, you’ll need to consider the impact a pest infestation would have on your business.

What are pests attracted to?

Food, water, and shelter are the main elements that attract pests. When running a shop that sells food, how and where your store items are vital to preventing an infestation.

Fresh food items are most at risk from contamination. But boxed and plastic-wrapped items are also at risk when stored in dark rooms and densely packed storage areas.

What items do you frequently dispose of? Boxes and other packaging materials offer rats and mice a place to shelter. Overflowing bins outside will attract birds, rodents, foxes and cockroaches, particularly if rubbish isn’t collected regularly.

Clothing also offers a perfect place to shelter and breed. They also attract insects that damages clothes, affecting your sales margins. For example, moths lay eggs that hatch into caterpillars, which then eat holes into clothing, blankets, rugs, and furnishings. Therefore, it makes sense to take steps to prevent such outcomes.

What are the advantages of pest control solutions?

The cost of pest control services will likely outweigh the expenses of treating an infestation.

Rats and mice cause structural damage to brick, wooden structures and cables as they gnaw and chew these materials. As a result, you may have to fork out more money on repair costs, not to mention the cost of hiring a professional to treat the infestation.
Pests may damage your back stock, resulting in unsellable products and reduced profits.

Of course, your business reputation is important and maintaining trust with customers is paramount to sustaining your business.

Prevention is better than a cure.

Pests breed and multiply very quickly, and this becomes difficult to treat. Therefore, pest control prevention methods are required to ward off pests and prevent an infestation from causing damage to your business.

Contact a professional pest controller who will assess your premises and provide adequate solutions for different parts of your property.

You will also receive advice and recommendations on how to keep your property clean, tidy, and ultimately inhospitable to pests.

This post was written in conjunction with Zest Environmental, who are Glasgow fogging specialists and serving homes and businesses throughout Central Scotland